FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

7 Days To Die FAQ

Should I join a server when it is on day 700?

Server day doesn't matter. The difficulty level for the player comes from game stage, not server day.

What does matter is if you join a high game stage group, then you will have a higher group game stage and stronger zombies because of it.

What is drop mining?

Drop mining is when you dig under a big area of land and let the inside fall.

Drop mining can cause server lag and chunk corruption and can lead to a region reset or map wipe.

What is tree farming?

Tree farming is when a player plants rows of trees by their base for quick harvest. This can cause serious client frame drops and lag.

We limit tree farms to 25 trees per base (not per player) and we have nerfed the tree seed drop rate to combat this.

What is a reset region?

Reset regions are big towns or cities that get reset weekly.

Reset regions are great because they keep loot fresh in these loot rich areas.

Can I raid or steal from other players bases?

Player bases are not to be tampered with at all!

The server bot tracks everyones location and inventory. If another player steals, we will know it.

Where can I get info about the server in game?

There is a lot of info in the esc menu.

This is a custom menu with tabs to see info when in game.

Steam Game FAQ

How do I verify my game files?

Open steam on your PC
Right click 7 Days To Die
Select properties
Click the local files tab in the sidebar
Click the verify integrity of game files button
Let Steam work it's magic

How do I update my game?

Open steam on your PC
Scroll to the very bottom of Steam
Click downloads in the center
Click download on the very right of the game.
Let Steam work it's magic

How do I opt in or out of a beta build?

Open steam on your PC
Right click 7 Days To Die
Select properties
Click the betas tab in the sidebar
Select none from the dropdown to opt out or latest_experimental unstable build to opt in
Let Steam work it's magic